Final Touches Needed to Win This Year

Today, I had a follow Reds fan ask me why I thought the team had to make a trade now.  Well, that is an excellent question.  You win now and then reload.  The team will cut lose Harang and Arroyo after this season-so money for recovery will be in Castellini’s treasure chest. The second half of the season is against really weak teams. The Reds are chasing; however, their problems are not SP.  Run support; again, excellent pitching in the last week and no run support.  Walt needs to add someone who can drive in runs consistently. Today, the Reds were without Rolen and Votto in the lineup.  Are you kidding me, going against a lefty-Jay Bruce isn’t getting on base unless he’s HBB.  I telling you, Vernon Wells would be a great choice to fill this void.  Come-on Rolen a clean-up hitter; really?

I think signing Isringhausen and Springer are great additions-cheap and it creates competition. Maybe, heads will be removed from assets in that bullpen.


Let the Trading Begin

The trading talks are starting; now, that the All-Star game is approaching. The Reds are rumored to be interested in pitcher Cliff Lee. But, do people forget that run support was the Reds biggest problem on their last roadtrip. They had pitching that kept them in games but the bats were cold. The bull-pen is another area that needs to be evaluated. This was one area, over spring, I thought that would carryover from last season and be great this year.
I have two picks I would love to see the Reds obtain; Vernon Wells or Troy Tulowitzki. Vernon would be great protection for Votto batting 4th. Tulowitzki would be a great addition because Cabrarra is not going to be a full season shortstop. He is a great addition to this team; however, playing hurt and letting your team pay-for-it is not a good example of a team-player.
This is a time for a small market team to “sell the farm” for a 2010 pennant race. This could be the Reds “once in a lifetime” opportunity to effectively compete for the NL pennant. Cliff Lee would be great; but, the TEAM with the most runs and most wins succeed.

The Wagon Wheels are Still on?

Its a few days from mid-June and the Reds are in first place; pretenders or contenders-this placement delights me. But, the most surprising aspect to this team are the performers. Gomes and Rolen are All-Stars; followed by Phillips. When Jocketty signed Scott Rolen, I thought this was a big mistake; because, of his age and position. Pertaining to Gomes, I was all for him as filler while the younger players received AB & playing time. But, these guys have proven to be Warriors for this team. Which is great letting Bruce, Stubbs and Votto get seasoned and learn the adjustments needed to play a long season in the majors. Don’t second guess on Votto. He, yet again, needed a week off for an ailment. I hope this is not an every few month situation.
So, Reds fans the wagon wheels are still on and the All-Star break is a month away. I really could careless who from the Reds make the All-Star game-as long as they are in playoff position………….

Historic Week

The retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. and the missed call in Detroit by Umpire Jim Joyce show the passion Americans have for the game of baseball. In the last 20 years it’s been taboo to be a baseball fan. But, this week’s negatives show that people do pay attention to the game.
Junior was a special player; yes, he had multiple locker spaces and recliner in the locker-room. Yes, maybe he was bad karma in the clubhouse. However, that goes to show that management created that monster and then became intimated with the “The Kid”. Junior always had that smile and gave it all he had running down fly balls in the outfield and hitting for extra bases. Critics were always on Griffey Jr., including me; but, we forget that this ballplayer started playing in the majors at the age of nineteen. The guy also played all-out in centerfield on Astroturf. Junior also became “the guy” and I don’t think he really liked that type of attention and that role. I say that because you never seen him interacting with fans in public; however, he was donated his time for non-profits and kids behind-the-scenes.
Ken Griffey Jr. will be sorely missed in the game; but, we need to remember all those surgeries he had-for a game. He played the game clean and hit over 600 home runs, 5200 total bases and 1800 runs batted in. Thank you for all the memories Future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Junior.